Purebred, Well bred, French Bulldogs

A bark above!


Most commonly  asked questions

I really do enjoy talking with families about my dogs and could probably talk forever about them if given the chance. I thought it may be easier to write down some of the questions along with the answers .

Where are you located?
Southern CA 
Where can I see the puppies?
Murrieta CA is where we show our pups
what age do you let your puppies go home?
9.5 weeks and older 
can we meet the parents?
Yes, just let me know before hand so I can polish them up.
can we see the puppies?
yes with an appointment.
Do you offer a health guarantee?
yes your puppy will have a 2 year health guarantee
do you have a waiting list?
yes, if you would like an email on our newest litter than the waiting list is best. There is a $250 fee to be added to the list. This comes off the purchase price.
Do you vaccinate the puppies?
yes we start with single dose vaccines and than puppies get a 5 way at 6 weeks,9 weeks, 12 weeks and than 15 weeks.

Do you de-worm the puppies?

yes, we do at 3,4 & 5 weeks of age

do you ship/deliver puppies?
Yes. $600 to ship a puppy via airline anywhere in the US.
how much is the puppy deposit
$600-$1600 depending on the price of pup
how much are your puppies?    (just a pet :) #1 ?
All puppies start at $3600
how many times do you breed your dogs a year?
females once a year
Do you test your adults?
CMR1 - Canine Multifocal Retinopathy
Degenerative Myelopathy
Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts
Can I have a copy of the results?
Yes the copy fee is $75