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Puppy price page! 

Starting Jan 1, 2021  

$4800 brindle 

$5500 cream & fawn
$6500 blue

$7500 breeders pick 

There will be certain times that prices will change, if we have a large litter or a small litter for example. 


Some thoughts of how these tiers came about. 

We do so much for our adults and their puppies that there is not much wiggle room on price.  For several years I've been trying to figure out how to offer puppies at different prices. Since all of our puppies are bred with the same excellent standard and care its  been hard. After several attempts at pricing puppies lower and some higher and not getting good results. Instead I got questions like whats wrong with it? or why is it cheaper? I had hoped to fill everyone's hands with one of our distinctive french bulldog puppies at their budget but it didn't work.  So  I've decided to offer  buying tiers on all the puppies in an effort to meet everyone's budget. Hopefully eliminate the stigma of whats wrong and replace it with how cool. GOOD VIBES  

UPDATE 1-13-21 THE TIERS DIDN'T WORK :) SO I'm back to set pricing.

That said some breeder pick puppies will have a higher price and those are the puppies I would love to keep, if not placed (sold) to a pet home.  I have too deal with my other half (aka husband)  not to keep all my puppies so even my pick puppies are available until they reach a certain age and than they are mine...and I win ;)