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Updated 2/22/2020


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READY 2/28/20

Available fawn male

Chief is a happy little boy. He was the smallest in his litter and he doesn't even know it. His video above gives you a glimpse of how adorable he is. He will go home with his vaccine record book & a two year health guarantee plus a puppy starter kit.

Our four princesses -

I've combined two litters for the picture. We have two girls born on 12-20-19 (9 weeks now) & 12-26-19 (8weeks now)

I've named them Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan & Aurora. 

*****Available black brindle girl*****

Tiana is a super elegant and sophisticated girl. She has a beautiful shiny black coat with a slash of white on her chest and a few brindle markings. Her face is a perfect representation of the breed.  Four pictures to show her off. 

*****Available tiger brindle girl*****

Jasmine is a very outgoing girl, always on the move. She has nice structure with an amazing tiger brindle coat (maybe reverse brindle hard to tell). We rarely get these kind of brindle. She has a white patch on her chest and loaded with wrinkles. 

***Available brindle girl***

Mulan is a classic brindle girl with a dash of white on her chest. She is a love and enjoys giving kisses. She has some wrinkles and a lovely head.  She will finish on the smaller side

***Available brindle girl***

Beautiful curious girl. Looking at the camera isn't want she wants to do.  She is always looking for something to do or get into.  We call her Aurora but that may change into Bell LOL she's a doll hands down!