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Updated 5/21/2020


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                                          Upcoming litters  

Due August & September 2020


will be ready 

October, November & December

Our Spring pups have arrive

 As of 5-20-20 

All puppies have been sold and will start going home end of June. 

If you are interested in a future puppy from an upcoming litter we recommend the waiting list. Most of our puppies find their homes through our paid puppy deposit list. The advantage of the list is those families get first choice. Once we've gone through the list we know what puppies are available. Feel free to send me an email, shoot me a text or give me a call for more information.  You can follow us on Instagram @dfbulldogs

Buttercup & Baxter      

Cream litter  

DOB 04/23/20

 1 cream boy SOLD    (Mark's pup)

 1 cream girl  SOLD    Stella 

 1 cream girl SOLD     (Theresa's pup)

Jellybean & Viper

Red fawn litter 

DOB 04/25/20

1 red fawn boy SOLD   Charlie

1 red fawn girl  SOLD   (Amber's pup)

Agua & Drakar

Fawn litter 

DOB 05/04/20

1 red fawn boy SOLD          (Lauren's pup)

1 classic fawn girl SOLD      Bailey

1 dark red fawn girl SOLD  Penny

1 red fawn girl SOLD          Gigi

1 red fawn girl SOLD          LaLa