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Distinctive French Bulldogs


 We breed purebred, 

well bred, healthy 

AKC French Bulldogs 

since the year 2000

A bark above! 


[email protected]


Chula & Moso 

A few show pictures. 

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Technically there are only 3 colors in the French bulldog breed.

Brindle, Cream & Fawn

with only 1 pattern Pied

all standard colored dogs will have short hair and brown eyes.

About 10 years ago we started seeing Blue & Chocolate colored French Bulldogs.

Super Sized (now bred down smaller) and a variation of colored eyes.

When our amazing breed got popular (sad for any breed) about 5 years ago we started seeing exotic colors.

Merle, tan points. long hair

I bred a healthy frenchie with lost of quality and experience in there. 

I love the new exotic colors and even the hairy ones :)

Since 2018 I've been looking at

Evolution vs Extinction

 I've decided that I've spent most of my life raising puppies and perfecting my lines and to give up now just isn't an option. I'm choosing to evolve and add those new exotic colors full on in 2021. I made this choice in 2019. I started buying new dogs and have been adding structure back into those colors. I am now  pleased with the look of our puppies and will add a new puppy page for these new colors. 

I will be keeping my amazing original standard colored puppy lines separate.

Update 6-01-2021 

 With all do respect to anyone who can not afford one of our puppies, I am sorry. We spend lots of time and money making a healthy puppy. We have lots of losses and little gain and our prices are fair. We offer payments and of course there is always the ability to save and plan. 


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